The CSCS Exam Underwent Some Changes On 2nd April This Year
The CSCS Test underwent certain changes in Spring this year (2012)

Starting on April 2nd 2012 a replacement exam will definitely be in operation. It is called the Citb Construction Skills Health Safety and Environment Test and in addition is going to be updated with some more categories.

The latest HS&E test will also have a few questions related to respiratory risks & dangers and the recent universal hazard symbols and additionally behavioural case studies to check on how well you would likely address issues that could arise on site.

It is possible to book this new Health Safety and Environment Examination at the cskills site and also the cost is still £17.50.

This test has Fifty questions to provide answers to and you will be given 45 minutes to take the test. 38 of these questions will be on health & safety knowledge together with 12 answers are going to be behavioural case study answers which basically test the way you respond in a specific scenario to ensure the safety in your site. As well as the basic operative exam there are various specialist tests that could be taken:


Specialist Work at Height
Plumbing or Gas
Tunnelling (NEW)
Lifts and Escalators
Managers and Professionals Test
Highway Works

HVAC&R - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

RAAC - Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
HAPS - Heating And Plumbing services
SAF - Services And Facilities Maintenance
PFW - Pipefitting And Welding
DUCT - Ductwork

If you are wanting to take the exam make certain you get the one you need.

Due to worries over the significant rates of injuries inside the building industry, the CSCS Scheme was initially established in 1995. The intention of the scheme was to facilitate a baseline level of safety recognition amongst construction staff, in turn reducing many of these numbers. For that reason the CSCS test came to be announced. Whilst it had not been obligatory to possess a CSCS card for you to work throughout the construction industry, it's since grown to be more or less universally adopted on all big construction sites. Possessing a card signifies that a person has got at the very least a minimum degree of health and safety awareness in the occupation they're employed in.

The exam is given via a multi-choice touchscreen pc Q&A session. It is provided in a few differing languages possibly even employing a voice over. The exam may be taken in a number of places within the uk as well as a mobile facility for areas which do not have a full time test centre provided.

Since the schemes beginning, figures have demostrated a steady decrease of the number of construction associated accidental injuries. This is attributed not only to the improved health and safety understanding of building site operatives but in addition to accentuating the undeniable fact that this understanding was needed in the first place. Now it's significantly more hard for unskilled, untrained individuals to pick up casual work on a construction site. As the cscs test continues to develop and encompass an increasing number of areas of construction it must surely mean a less hazardous future for everybody.

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